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Why you should choose Humble Beginnings.

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Why you should choose

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Substance Abuse Services

We combine alternative therapies, psychotherapies, and the traditional 12-Step treatment model to provide , strength-based, skill-building, holistic, customizable substance abuse treatment for men and women with and without co-occurring mental health issues.

Family Education Support Services

Addiction is a family disease and the families of recovering addicts require care to heal from the damage addiction has brought in their lives. We offer family education for substance abuse disorders and co-dependency treatment to help the loved ones of recovering addicts learn to interact with the substance abuser in healthy ways.

Gender Specific Services

Addiction affects men and women in different ways and the two genders need different approaches to recovery. Substance abuse treatment at Humble Beginnings addresses the unique issues facing men and women in recovery and acknowledges their different paths to health through gender-specific treatment approaches.

Mental Health Services

Mental health services are crucial not just to those struggling with addiction, but also to those who love them. We offer mental health evaluations, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, expressive arts therapy and other forms of psychotherapeutic services.

Build Your Future on Humble Beginnings Outpatient Treatment

Are you struggling with addiction and looking for a way out? Humble Beginnings offers outpatient treatment programs through holistic therapy for substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses. Here at Humble Beginnings we understand that no two people suffer from addiction in the same way, and consequently no two people recover in the same way. We offer personalized treatment tailored to meet your unique individual needs.

We believe in the importance of a family home setting during recovery. The sense of independence and self-control that we help our patients develop can’t be reached through substance abuse centers. We know that by creating an environment as close to a normal home environment as possible that our patients will leave our program with skills needed to continue remaining sober. Our patients learn to develop peer relationships and healthy habits that will keep them on the right track through out outpatient treatment programs.

Our patients are committed to recovery and this sense of dedication is what helps support our new residents. Without a solid support system it can be very easy to slip back into old routines and bad habits. However, our patients are surrounded by professionals that care about and support each other to make sure that each resident continues to stay clean.

Happiness is also another key to a successful recovery. Many people that struggle with addiction also struggle with depression. The Foundation House creates a positive and fun environment that helps men and women realize that they don’t need substances to help them find comfort. Many men and women that leave outpatient treatment end up in an unhealthy environment and for men that don’t have a solid support system; it is easy to wind up down the same path. The Foundation House is an essential step after completing an outpatient treatment program.

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